10 Things you will learn from a successful career

I’m always looking to improve my life and discover new things.

In fact, tackling this video “10 things that I have learned” was a great way to make me realize that although I still have a large check list of things yet to be accomplished and learned, I still have achieved so much more than I expected.

I think sometimes I’m moving so quickly to develop ideas and get tasks done that I don’t give myself enough credit. Often I have to remind myself to breathe.

The most important thing to me overall was staying inspired and feeling like I lived each day as well as I could. I also tried to appreciate myself more and value my time.

In the past years I didn’t value my time as much as I should have so that’s a lesson I’m working on perfecting. Time is what we don’t have a lot of and I find that it’s time that keeps me from living my dream so looking at ways to do that for myself are very important.

I’m a work in progress. But aren’t we all?






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