3 Easy Ways to boost your periscope channel

jaxscope boosting your periscope channelThere certainly has been a lot of talk around using periscope to build your following as well as monetizing your content but if you’re going to really take your scoping seriously, you’ll need a game plan.

Here are three very important things you should be doing to boost your channel and get you on the road to greatness.

1) Email: Use your email list to announce your upcoming topic(s) and regular activity times. Also be sure to include your periscope channel and activity details into the email signature of your scopes.
 Do not email people every day unless they have requested it. You can easily set up your email opt in to allow users to select how often they would like to receive email from you.

2)  Set up your activity: Try to come up with a set activity schedule for your periscope broadcast so people can count on you. Even if you shoot out and email each week of when you will be scoping or what they will be seeing from your on periscope, at least your followers will be able to find you and get inspired to watch. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a set time of day but it should include days or at least general
 instructions. For instance: Every Monday – Wednesday – Sunday morning or Every morning. Just a basic idea of when and what’s coming.

3) Social: Make sure that you include your schedule, activity and previous scopes in your social media posts. Use pictures and graffics, share your periscope address (www.periscope.tv/JacquelineJax ) and notes about the content always offers incentives to future followers.

I hope the tips were helpful, if you have any questions be sure to tweet me @JacquelineJax or join me for my live daily Periscope broadcasts to ask them in real time.