3 Ways To Encourage Periscope Engagement & Drive Traffic To Your Website or Social Pages

Jacqueline Jax ava live radioAre you looking to “Kill It” on Periscope? I’m hoping to help you with that. Be sure to catch me every night at 10 pm et on Periscope for a live stream on using the latest social tools to market your Entertainment brand. I also share some great new music with you and chat about life. It’s a great place to connect with like minded people and meet new friends. Hope you enjoy the Replay!

  • Multi-purpose your scopes:

    Although some of your live streams will be fun chats, try to think of how your time could be used to wisely to drive traffic to your website and entertain your followers in other places. 

Using katch.me or youtube allows you to easily re-purpose your live stream as a video file that can be shared to social media, uploaded directly to facebook and embedded on your own website. 

Since periscope disappears in 24 hours, you can provide your listeners with an excuse to visit your other pages for access to archived content.

  • Focus on your audience:

    How many times have you been disappointed by the lack of authenticity from a persons message? 

Sometimes it seems like speakers forget who they are and that they are speaking to real people. Instead of just announcing facts, expand what you know a more casual chat. Tell stories and think about what your followers love most about your streams then be creative. 

Steaming great content here on periscope is the key to engaging your audience on the platform and if you can’t keep people interested here they sure won’t want to follow you any where else.

  • Call To Action:

    Too often marketers are so happy to complete a piece of content that they publish it on a website, breathe a sigh of relief and then walk away. 

Every type of content should include a call to action or a way to more deeply engage with you. 

Great examples of this are: sign up for my next update so you won’t miss what’s coming next, come visit me on twitter, or even mention something that your doing in another space that people can see right after your show ends.

Watch the replay here: http://katch.me/JacquelineJax/v/7e8432ce-489d-30a5-8c1b-dc29ba585830