5 Key Tips To Take Your Periscope Channel to the Next Level

jaxscope periscope tips followersIf your building a brand you must be scoping. It’s much too powerful of a community not to engage with this live streaming app. I do feel, having experimented with over 80 periscope broadcasts so far that it’s important to keep a few things in mind before, during and after your broadcast so here are some tips to help you take your channel to the next level.

1) Title: spend some time focusing on a great title that describes your content and offers some kind of benefit for watching.

2) Greetings: Entertain and welcome your viewers. Say hello and call them out by name, find out where your viewers are from and get them involved in your scope. I like to invite my peeps to share their website address.

3) Questions: ask your viewers questions to keep things active. Other things you can do to keep people engaged is to ask for hearts, ask for followers,and ask for shares. Definitely define those call to actions.

4) Consistency: be consistent with your schedule. Even if you can’t commit to a time, try to commit to days and time frames like mornings, evenings or how often you plan to scope.

5) Watch yourself: if you want to improve your broadcast, you must watch your replays to get a better idea of what your doing right and what you need do do better. You’ll never learn unless you watch your replays.

Thanks to all of you who joined me during the live broadcast. I have some brand new posting schedules coming out for you this week to help you master your social media marking plan this year so don’t forget to follow me while your here and keep your eyes open for these master planning guides to hit your inbox.