5 Ways to Building a Follow Worthy Instagram

Are you looking for some solid tips to help you build your instagram following?

Let’s get the most valuable basics down so you can start getting more results with less time involved.


Instagram Tips:

1) Upload Only your best photos
(And Not All at Once) be selective and go for quality. Publishing photos selectively will also make it more enticing for others to follow you. If they see your name pop up somewhere on Instagram and click through to your profile, they’re going to see your most recent photos. You’ll be better off if the last few images are high-quality shots, rather than shaky concert photos you published in rapid-fire succession.


2) Pay Attention to What Works:
To get a better idea of what type of content works well on Instagram, you’ve got a few tools at your disposal. First, make a habit of regularly checking out the “Popular” tab in the app to see what kinds of photos make it there. analyzing your own stats. Instagram analytics services like Statigr.am help put things in perspective with all kinds of historical data about your account. Among much else, Statigr.am shows you which of your own photos have received the most “likes” over time, and which ones received the most comments. Try to look for consistent trends in your own most popular images and try to capitalize on those strengths moving forward.


3) Use Hashtags, Especially Popular Ones :
Much like people on Twitter, Instagram users make use of hashtags to tag and categorize content. Tagging your photos gives them another opportunity to be found. Webstagram provides a list of the top 100 most frequently-used tags. http://websta.me/hot


4) Follow Others & Comment:
Instagram is a community so just like any other social network, you must get social. One of the actions most likely to garner new followers on Instagram is following others, not unlike the way Twitter sometimes works. At the very least, it will call the other’s attention to your profile and if they like it, they’ll likely follow it. Of course, there are no guarantees. But in general, if you routinely follow new people, you’re bound to get some return follows.


5) Geotag Your Photos :
Like using hashtags, geotagging provides another data point that can be used to categorize and display content. On Instagram, each defined location has its own page, which includes a map of the location and any photos taken there.


Most of all try to create an instagram profile that really speaks to the users. Instagram is a very special place where each image tells a story.

It’s about making the little treasures of life impactful so don’t use it for fluff or repetitive posting.


Check out these my instagram profiles for some fun examples: http://www.instagram.com/JacquelineJax http://www.instagram.com/avaliveradio


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