5 Ways to Get More Spotify Plays and Subscribers

Is Spotify an important music Marketing Strategy for indie artists?





Are you on Spotify? 

If you are NOT distributing your music to Spotify, you really should get that done today!

Just recently, Spotify fans were given access to concert and festival listings from both AXS and Eventbrite. Having direct ticket feeds from both services embedded within Spotify gave music fans faster access to purchase tickets for the shows they love.

This ticket sales feature along with merchandise pushes will eventually roll out to Indie Artists as well but it’s really important that you become a bigger player within the network if your going to benefit.

Spotify is quickly transitioning into a social media website that not only streams music but will be streaming music video and movies as well. 

Some Fast facts

  • Subscribers: Over 50 million (as of March 2017) estimated to be 150 Million in 2018.
  • Active paid and no paid users: Over 140 million (as of June 2017)
  • Revenue paid to rightsholders: $5 billion (as of September 2016)
  • Number of songs: Over 30 million
  • Number of playlists: Over 2 billion
  • Available in 60 markets – Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Uruguay and USA.

So what should you be doing to to promote your music and prepare for the Spotify Music Domination?


I have 5 Awesome Tips for your to Get More Plays and Subscribers..


Social media is very reflective of visual media. Every image that represents your music should look professional. That mean no grainy selfies. This is not amateur hour.  It’s a clear fact that you are judged by every piece of media that you put on the internet to represent your music brand. If the image is horrible, no one will take you seriously.  Many musicians still don’t understand that it’s not the music that initially hooks a audience. It’s actually a high-quality image design that grabs their attention. The music simply won’t ever get played if the image doesn’t wow your audience.  Industry pros like Apple, Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify etc. do not favor those with low quality products. Hence, you need o upgrade your game to get a decent response. After all, as a new artist..


 “You can’t come to the feast if your not going to bring the BIG Game.”



Maintaining consistency is huge on every platform right now. Your marketing music in a very crowded social sphere. There are 30 million songs already on Spotify and more loading every day. If you want to make a mark on any of these platforms, you must load consistently.  This means that you may need to hold back a little music so that you have something new to launch in the time between Albums. Taking on this strategy on all platforms improves your visibility. The trick here is to unfold your art on a slow basis; release your music one by one rather than rolling it out all at once. This keeps the audience interested and more like to subscribe. Plus it give us a chance to help you circulate your launch and prep for the next release.  Anticipation always grows numbers. It’s a fact! 




You must be present on social media more often. Networks like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or any other can  work cohesively as a promotional tool but you’ve got to be on it interacting with people in order to get any kind of traction on your pages. According to the research, streaming platforms are more inclined to support those who have a sound social presence. They can tell when you share your music from Spotify to other social media pages and they can especially tell when others do. This is why A.V.A Live Radio’s social media team takes care to physically go to your spotify link and share it out while we are campaigning for you. We know that Spotify can see it and after all we have 5 twitter accounts totally a reach of more than 5 million. That can serve as major push when your trying to get noticed. 




The goal is to get your songs added to one of Spotifys self promoted playlists so you can gain millions of ears from their controlled push. The problem is that they aren’t just going to add you because you ask and they won’t see you if you are getting traction on your music. My previous tips will certainly help you to gain some momentum but it’s really important that you also start creating your own playlists on your account. Create a couple that organizes your own tracks in different ways if you have a large inventory. But if you don’t, think about creating a few playlists that list 1 of your tracks along with 20 other pieces of music that are best associated with your song. NOTE: Be careful not to add too many of your songs to your own playlists or Spotify will consider it to be a spammy use of the playlist system and it won’t count towards your popularity points. 


This simply means that it’s a smart idea to partner with a well-established music station like A.V.A Live Radio who is moving quickly and rapidly to develop hundreds of music playlists on Spotify that we can bring your music into. When you get playlists on a quickly building account who is adding new music and sharing on social every single day at the scale that we are, your track gets attention. You gain listeners, social media reach and valuable points with Spotify. 

Not only that but when you launch a new or current single with us, we will add you to our playlists quickly, promote your song repeatedly on social media and send out a press release to our network of industry people listing a link to your Spotify profile and your bands bio.  


Our New Music Monday program is definitely going to attract more eye balls and ears to your music catalogue. Are you ready to add a song? Here’s the link to get started today!! 

Here’s the signup for Radio and playlists:


Best of luck with your music on Spotify, I’m looking forward to having you on my playlists this week. 


Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio
Entertainment Branding Specialist 


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