5 Ways to Get Subscribers Every Day

When your building a fan page on social media, you must be willing to commit time every day to promoting it. No matter what kind of channel or page your establishing, it’s important to pay attention to your subscribers. Your subscribers provide the views and engagement  that you need on every video and new music release.

Here are some ways to get new subscribers on Board with you every day. 


1.Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Make sure that every piece of content that you are posting is the best it can be. Subscribers want to support you but it’s not likely to happen if you take great care in creating an amazing experience for them. The better the experience, the faster the fan page will grow. Many artists make the mistake of thinking that they have ground breaking content when they really are falling short of the competition.

Take a a look around at accounts that have a ton of engagement and subscribers and you’ll start to see  clear examples of why that’s happening.

2.Respond to comments

By engaging with fans and viewers, you show them that you appreciate their support and care about their voice. Respond to every comment on your videos and posts to ensure that viewers subscribe and stick around.

People will unfollow you if you never answer them and go MIA all the time. It causes frustration and makes people feel unimportant.

I recommend doing a power hour every day where you respond to every post or comment across all your social media pages.

3.Build your community

If you only post and never visit anyones pages then you’re not building a community. You’ve got to show up and make those visits to give some love back.

Once your account reaches 100,000+ and that engagement is peaking it will get harder but if you want to continue to grow, you’ve got to at least reach out to you top supporters who are first to the commenting party every time.

This will increase subscribers because viewers will see that your active and every time you leave comments on other peoples pages, it’s like a trail of breadcrumbs your leaving behind to guide people to your page.

4.Know what works

You’ve got to know who’s liking your page and why. I look at the content that get’s the best results on each page and I tailor that content to that page.

Once you have posted for a few months, there is typically a clear pattern that does well on certain pages.

For instance: On facebook it may be live streams, on instagram bold selfies and video posts could be your fans favorites and on twitter it may be those in the moment 1 minute videos.

Basically once you discover what they love, if you give them more of it your page will continue to grow.

5.Stand out

Content that stands out is always a great idea plus it’s more likely to go viral. You also want to mix it up and never post the same thing twice or too closely to itself.

For instance, do not repost the same video over and over hoping that it’s getting delivered into your newsfeed. If it is being seen by the same people, it will probably irritate them causing them to unsubscribe rather than encourage them to stay on board because the content is fresh.

Try to mix things up and think like a viewer. What would you like to see from your favorite artist?

I hope you like this weeks tips.





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