6 Ideas to Boost Your Music Holiday Sales

November and December are the two biggest music selling months of the year. During the holidays people are a lot more open to buying. Plus with the popularity of Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber Monday (Nov 28th) increasing every year, it’s a good idea to position yourself to sell your music and merchandise online.

To help you get a head start, I have 6 ideas for boosting your music sales during the holidays.

  1. Show some love to your fans by  offering a 50% discount on Thanksgiving or the day after (Black Friday) to loyal fans. Example discount code:ThankYou

  2. Cyber Monday: For those fans who are in the shopping mood and may have missed out on the 50% off deal, give them another chance with a generous one day only 25% off sale on Cyber Monday. Example discount code: cyber2016

  3. How about a Buy 2 CD’s get 1 Free Special to encourage new fans to get on board with your music evolution? Talk about the journey that got you to wear you are now and how the music has evolved. Example discount code: 1FREE

  4. 12 Days of Christmas sale: how about a 12 days of Christmas sale? Start with 24% off and each day decrease the sale amount by 2% ending the day before Christmas. This creates a sense of urgency to buy early on tee shirts, albums, autograph photo packages. This can also be done for other holidays and celebrations such as Kwanzaa or the Hanukkah Festival of Lights. Example discount code: 12DayHoliday

  5. Post-Holiday inventory blowout: Got some old merchandise you want to clear out before the new year? How about offering a 2 day only 20% off sale. This would also be a great time to offer item bundles such as one CD and two t-shirts, or a guitar pick, a t-shirt and a CD. This is a perfect deal for friend gifts that can be delivered directly to the gift receiver with a card included. People love the gift of music. Example discount code:  GIFTOFMUSIC

  6. New Year, New Music 2016: If you have a new album, EP or single that is ready to launch think about releasing it on New year’s day 2016 and starting the pre-sale now. Offer a small discount, bonus tracks or a package deal to get them on board with your new music. It’s a great way to start the conversation and announce new music is coming. Example discount code: NewYearDay

Bonus Sales Tips for you:

  • Boost that call to action by giving your sale a time limit. Everyone loves a deal so make sure they know that NOW is the time to buy.

  • Be professional but colorful. Mark the holidays with visuals that celebrate the season. Use images that reflect what they will get clearly to establish value.

  • Discounts are a boost in itself but highlight the options your offering and be sure to delete those adds and images after the offer is over so you don’t confuse your fans as new options become available. Plus you never want people to wait until you go on sale again when the regular prices come back after the Holidays so don’t leave those images out there. It’s confusing.

  • Promote email signups to get bonus tracks and be sure to time those sales emails in between regular emails that don’t ask for money or your email subscribers may feel like there’s nothing but advertising coming to their inbox. Alternate with a live broadcasting announcement where you’ll be singing to them or a new impromptu Holiday video with a story of what the holidays mean to you and what you like to do during the season.

Well there you go. Master tips for boosting your music sales during the Holidays. I delivered the goodies, now you can reward me by sharing this article on twitter or facebook for me.

Have fun with it and don’t forget to share your music with me at A.V.A Live Radio Today.

Jacqueline Jax

Entertainment Branding Specialist
Host of www.AvaLiveRadio.com