7 Tips for Becoming a Winning Social Media Sensation

7 tips for becoming a sensation on social media

Going Viral on Social Media…

It may seem like a unicorn at this point but social media is actually still a baby and taking your message viral is still a big possibility. 

There is a lot of work involved but if you love being on social media and you like hanging out with thousands, soon to be millions of people, then this is certainly something you can accomplish.

What won’t work is thinking that you can make an impact with minimal effort. I’ve spoken to many people who think that one effort is going to move the needle but the reality is that hourly, daily and strategic effort is what makes the biggest difference, everything else is just less.

You give less, you get less but that’s just a real fact of life in all that we do. 



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  1. Make Friends Everywhere You Go:

    Not only does social media need to be your best friend, you’ve got to actually love meeting new people. That means that you are interested in what they care about and have to say. People who are killing it on social media are very in touch with their audience and understand what their people LOVE so they can bring them more of that.

    Todays world is so focused on social media. Some people live their lives on it from morning to night and really don’t get their content any where else except from their cell phones. This fact makes it pretty easy to understand that you must also exist in this space if your going to become an massive influencer and spread viral messages.

    Your strategy needs to be both wide and deep. Wide is having an updated working profile on all the major social media pages such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

    Keep all your pages continually updated with pictures, videos, live streams and random messages throughout your day to reach audiences when they are on the platforms.


    To move content online you’ve got to build a network of people who know what they are doing on this spaces and also people who will share your content faithfully and effectively.

    Tools in facebook and instagram are making it really easy for people to share and grow their audience by doing live streams together in the moments. This is making it easy to forge relationships and cross pollinate an audience.

    Plus these collaborations make for really fun content for your pages.


    We see this in music all the time and most high budget films harness the power of bringing popular people together in order to leverage their influence to boost the return on time invested. This is done all the time on social media.

    By Pairing up with other people on social media in videos, live streams, blog posts and podcasts you’re encouraging growth at scale. That’s one essential way that you can keep growth happening long after you have completed the project.


    Many people kill their effectiveness on social media by being selfish. When you don’t spend time on other peoples pages, you stunt your growth. Leaving comments and interacting with popular content is important in two ways. It helps you to develop a relationship with people and your comments leave leads out on the social media sphere for people to track back to your page.

    The better the comment, the more likely people will be to seek you out from it. Just be careful not to engage in spam actively by leaving copy paste comments or follow for follow messages.. that’s one way to get your account banned and good people never go for it. You’ll just attract a shadow audience. Go for depth instead with a qualifying comment.


    I should need to say this but I still see so many people not getting this right. You must invest in a camera that takes amazing images. Most cell phones are able to take 8-12 mg pixel images with good lighting and some technique you can master the craft yourself. Make sure your also shooting your video in 1080 p or even 4 k when available to get your images as crisp as possible and make sure your audio is on point. Even if the video quality isn’t amazing, you can still capture an audience with fantastic audio. That’s the #1 on my priority when doing video.


    This is a really important concept when you plan your content structure. Make a list of what you do best then create content around that. After a few months of releasing consistently, you’ll see a clear pattern of what people love the most and you can start to adjust your strategy based on the results.

    Just think about it, if you don’t document your skills, then what are you going to be know for?

    Every popular personality on social media is known for something or a couple of things. Figure out what that is and proceed to document your journey to doing THAT in the best way possible.


    Hashtags are available on all social media pages and they are very useful. By adding 1-3 tags at the end of your content shares, you can reach a wider audience. Plus if someone is searching a tag for something, you’re video will come up. It can really help to spread your content to a much wider base of like minded individuals.

    Try to explore tags constantly to discover new ones that may align best with your content, then keep a list of them on your phone so you can access them quickly when your posting.

    If you want to catch up with me face to face I’ll be on instagram stories speaking with you personally at Jacqueline Jax and AVA Live radio about social media strategy all this week.

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