Become The Greatest Version of Yourself

Jacqueline_Jax_get_inspiredBecome The Greatest Version of yourself today

Have you every heard of sympathetic vibrations? It’s a mutual exchange of energy. What you eat, who you meet and surround yourself with have to share the same kind, sweet and supportive energy. Same thing happens with everything that you do. Energy doesn’t disappear, it can only be transferred from one thing to the next.

  1. Every Day is a new day of possibilities: Yesterday is in the past: It’s done, it’s gone, it’s over.. Today is a brand new day of opportunities.
  2. Opportunities don’t come to you, you bring them to you by your actions. Each day that you rise, you can change your life and refocus your path. You get a new opportunity to do that every day. Bring positive change into your life by starting to set your dreams in motion now. Do something to make that happen for you by making it a daily goal to pursue a piece of what you want to happen.
  3. Change your diet & exercise- Magnesium helps heal the body. Calms the nervous system. Foods rich in magnesium; avacado, dark green vegetables or bananas. Spend money on good food. Spend time looking at what your eating and being mindful of what your putting into your body.
  4. Live in abundance by reminding yourself every day just how lucky you are. Live in peace by creating and nurturing a peaceful environment for yourself.
  5. Surround yourself with the right people.. You become like the people who you surround yourself with most often. It’s a conscious choice to allow any particular person into your life. 

Look at their track record. Your vibe attracts your tribe. You are who you hang with. Be mindful of the people who are around you. Make sure that they don’t have another agenda that will distract you and take things from you. There are chameleons that wait on the side lines waiting to take your spot. Their are dolphins who support you and there are Hyenas who wait to scavenge your energy and look to take things from you. Look for the true intentions.
  6. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Stop always trying to hard to be something that your not just to fit in. Dig deep into yourself, spend time alone discovering who you are first before heading so quickly into the world trying to fake it until you make it. 

Be yourself.. and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Recognize your attributes and talents and celebrate them by being yourself and putting more of that out there.

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