Becoming Famous on Social Media 2018

Are you ready to start learning how to become famous on social media in 2018?

I know it seems like a task out of your reach but I keep seeing more people doing it and thought that I would share the strategies of how it’s being done. If you need more examples, leave me a comment under the youtube video and I’ll make more videos about it.




Becoming Famous on Social Media 2018. How to become a famous musician in 2018 can be a tricky goal to accomplish when you have no music marketing strategy.

There are some key strategies that every successful social media influencer uses in order to make it in the music industry today or even just to become famous on youtube 2018.

In this video you will learn how to become a YouTube sensation, how to make it big in the music industry and I will be explaining how to become famous on Instagram, twitter and a facebook.

You’ll discover how to get more followers on Twitter and how to build your brand on Facebook and repurpose your content on instagram.

This video works for musicians, comedians, actors or anyone who wants to build their influence and become a viral sensation. Social media can be your best friend and provide you with lots of opportunities to build your brand and market your skills to a wider audience.


Strategy: Watch the video for these topics in detail

  1. Become a social media magnet.
    Set up profiles on all the major channels and plan a content strategy for each of them.  Be sure to constantly update these pages with pictures, videos, and messages about your work, and you will reach several new audiences. I like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and youtube.
  2. Get involved: 
    Being seen both online and in person at events is really important. It also gives you alot more social media options for your followers to enjoy. You can also arrange collaborations and get information from people at conferences.
  3. Collaborate:
    There are many different kinds of collaborations. In the video I explain then in detail.
  4. Become more interactive on social media: 
    You’ve got to leave a trail of bread crumbs and meet people. Details in the video.
  5. Image and content
    They must be clean, interesting and high quality.  It’s also important to have an over all strategy and narrative.
  6. Perform often: 
    ON stage, live streaming and video. It’s all very important to gaining traction.
  7. Interactive:
    Communications is so essential.  Stay relevant by being involved in current topics and conversations that keep the interest of your people and align with your brand.

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