Benefits of Building a Personal Brand in 2017

We are by no means ready to move on from Crowdfunding because I am taking on the challenge of getting you to make money. But in order for me to help you properly, it’s really important that you understand the fundamentals of building a brand and why this is so important.

Social media has many people building a personal brand with no purpose and no real direction. People make the mistake of filling in the description box with their intensions and expecting that one effort to build their brand.

Branding is much more than a catchy name or pretty logo, it’s an emotional rooting of your product or services firmly planted in those who know and experience what you do.

Your brand Is a feeling that people have about you and say about you when your not in the room.

Your brand can only have longevity and brand loyalty if the message is consistent and powerful enough to speak for you in your absence or memory.

Brand building is as much of an art as your creations are. But where do you start?

Let’s check off this list one at a time so you have this all firmly in place before you begin to crowdfund.



1. Website: 
Every creative entrepreneur should have a mobile-friendly website designed to give people information about your brand, allow them to easily contact you, see updates, new available work, previous work, merchandise, connect with your social media, and signup for your email list.

2. Logo:
Create a logo for your brand. A logo is an ingenious way to brand build since it communicates your product or service by a mere emblem. Your logo can be displayed on your website, social bios, photos, email signatures, printed material and merchandise.

3. Fans: 
One of the biggest benefits of building a brand is having brand fans. Fans who jump on you brand do this in level. First there is the introductory phase where they meet you and experience your brand by seeing an image for the first time. If that image makes an impact you’ll get the first reaction. A second reaction might be for that same person to watch a video. If they watch it all the way though, then your media is considered a strong representation of your brand. If the fan then looks to signup to follow you or even better seeks to make a purchase that’s called a conversion .

So by this example you need all fans to make at least one conversion. Studies show that once a fan convert, they are more likely to repeat the action provided that your brand is consistent and the message doe not change.

Most small business owners discover that more than half of their sales are repeat buyers and more than 80% of their video views are already fans of the music brand. 

So you can see how this continues to triple as you keep moving forward at a steady pace.

Now let’s talk about the importance building a personal brand for your business.

As a musician, there are two ways of thinking about this. Either your a personal brand who is also member of a bands brand or you are a sole personal music brand.

Which ever brand type you choose, you must build and promote your own individual brand because business have a shorter life span than people do. Your personal brand will live with you for about 80 years, the Band brand never knows how long it will have.

The video I recorded for you above talks about how to benefit from building a personal brand and what you can expect.


Watch the video for these 6 essential facts you need to consider.


1. Social Media says your a brand but are you really a brand?

2. Benefits of building a brand

3. Your brand message

4. Get tough and ready for the haters

5. What’s the value?

6. Go all in for the long game.


Jacqueline Jax
Entertainment Branding Specialist Music Marketing Insider


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