Building a Music Brand on Social Media

Are you ready to learn about how to use social media tools to build your music and entertainment brand?

This video will apply to broadcasters, musicians, actors, or anyone in the Entertainment business. If you are trying to build a brand using social media, this will certainly help you.

Top Tips:

  1. Always use a public facebook page rather than a private page to build and market your brand.
  2. You must acknowledge and respect the rules of facebook to interact on your page.
  3. Use live streaming to improve your reach on facebook
  4. Use the social media tools and technology to build your brand
  5. Facebook doesn’t support youtube videos but twitter and google plus does support them
  6. Load your videos directly to facebook and pin a video to the top of your feed
  7. Make your social media page a must visit place to be
  8. Start streaming live in 2017 and use the bio section to include your purchase link
  9. Images are king content on social media pages
  10. Create a landing page on your website that advertises your upcoming live streams and include a subscription box for signups

Watch the video and share your facebook page with me in my group so I can connect with you.