How to gain Influence for your business from Influencers

Influencers.. Do you know any??

You’ve seen them floating through your social media feeds. These are people on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat who have large amounts of followers and very active crowds.

When they post, their crew pays attention. The conversation below their posts is thriving and people really spend time on their feeds taking it all in. 


The most challenging aspect of tapping into this amazing world of social influencers is … How to get their attention?


Honestly, many do come with a hefty price tag however I’ll bet that if you look through your own following, you already have many of them following you. 

They have probably been leaving comments on your social and you never even noticed them. 

There is a ton of exposure to be had by working regularly with influencers. They have spent time and energy developing a cult like following and thus any mention of you to their crew could mean weeks of traffic and brand awareness. 


Many of the large brands understand this and have grown because of it. By getting their products into the hands of influencers, they manage to saturate each individual crowd especially if the influencers love it. 


Think of the multiple possibilities for advertising. Say you send a free product to 20 influencers who each have 100,000 active followers. They love it and start tagging your social media account in a post talking about the product and say thank you just once.

That’s exposure to an audience of 2,000,000 (2 million people) . 

Yea… and it’s an untapped resource that you’ve never utilized. Now that’s really dropping the ball. 


Just think, if any of them use your product regularly and post about it, your brand awareness just keeps growing from there on.  especially if they agree to note where to get it, your company or brand name and what it’s called. In addition, asking for a tag is essentially to your traffic. Especially on sites such as instagram, twitter and Facebook. 

So I urge you to think carefully about people who might be following your page and already talking to you. It’s important. Find a handful of incredible people who like what you have and start actively working with them by giving them something they need for something you need in exchange. That may be a fee, product, commission, or even link exchanges if you have equal followings. 


Just start doing it today. You can’t build your brand unless your taking action each day to do something that really gets your business moving in the right direction. 


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