Creating Perfect Selfies and Cover Photo’s with Your Phone

Jacqueline taking great selfies

Photos are really important to promote your brand and projects on social media so to help you turn out some master shots, I wanted to share great tips with you that I learned from Fashion Photographer Lee Morris.

It’s often thought that a big professional and expensive camera is necessary to get those amazing shots, but the common rule of life applies here too. It’s not always about the equipment, the great stuff comes from the most creative minds and a little education.

When your taking your shots, all you really need is a decent phone camera and a focused light source.

Day light is always great, but it can be harsh if your not in the shade. I actually get my best shots when the light is really low and I’m able to create more of a mood by playing with natural shadows and one little controlled light source.In the above shot, I was sitting under a canopy on a cloudy day but I was able to achieve a warm look just but directing a small flash light at my face and lowering my chin slightly. The result was a natural shading around my face and a slight illumination on the forehead, nose cheeks and chin.  Not bad for a quick selfie right?

Jacqueline Jax take better photos and selfies

This next part will blow your mind. When I really want to add drama to a photo, I turned off all the lights and use nothing more than a simple flash light to light my face. Depending on how you position your face, you can really get amazing lighting for those quick shots.

The thing to watch out for when positioning your face are the shadows. I always make sure that my face is angled just right so there are no harsh or dark shadows around my nose. But getting some definition under the chin or around the hair line is never a  bad thing. Just experiment with how you hold the light and take a few shots to get just the right one.

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If your lucky enough to have the help of a friend, you can get crazy with angles, backdrops and even play with some black or white foam core pieces to add even more drama to your photo’s. Watch the video for even more details on mastering these easy tips for taking amazing photo’s.

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