Dealing with Haters, Trolls, Negativity and Gossip Online

You can’t let negative energy get you down. If you have a goal in life and you really want to make it happen, push through the road blocks no keep moving forward.

1) Stay focused on what’s important

2) always stay positive

3) Who Cares?
Negativity will only have a voice if you let it so don’t let that bad energy into your world. If your happy, that’s what’s most important. Focus on all the great people who love and support you instead of the few negative faceless nobodies online. They are pathetic and they just don’t matter.


If you feel sad or bullied, watch my video and make a list of all the things you know your doing right. The real challenge is building up your self esteem so no one can penetrate your exterior walls of confidence. You can do it!

I would love to hear your ideas below for dealing with negativity. Your insights will really help and are always welcome below.

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