Defining what kind of content to make videos about for your music channel

Music Video Marketing Episode 1 series

Defining your niche and what kind of content to make videos about

Music channels often don’t get enough engagement because there is very little personal interaction coming from the channel creator. Pro music videos with vague titles and little descriptions are two stagnant. They leave watchers uninterested in following the channels because they don’t feel that the artist is actually there.

When you have a YouTube channel you have to treat it like a social space. It’s important that you tried to create a channel that has presents and personality. For entertainers that means that you will not only be posting a professional music video. If you want to have a YouTube channel that engages the listener and brings them back and you have to regularly be present on your own channel.

Some great channels that I have observed mixup the content. The videos that seem to get the most engagement and views are more personal. For instance, a video created by the artist when they’re in the studio doing what they do best. The artist will often talk directly to the audience like a friend and ask questions. This creates a more personal experience for the viewer. It also will encourage people to both subscribe and want to revisit the channel more often.

I also want to encourage you to create a posting schedule. A posting schedule gives subscribers something they can count on. When I follow a channel and the creator tells me they’re going to launch videos on certain days I remember those days and check that more often for new content. This seems to be a key factor in building a relationship between the viewers and the channel creator.

If you are creating an entertainment channel I highly recommend that you fill in the time in between professional music video launches with personal video blogs or messages directly to your viewers. This type of content is a great way for you to be able to tell people about upcoming events concerts and things that you have for sale.

Once you’ve created your content the first 24 hours is really critical.  Plan ahead by deciding on what kind of content your going to be putting out this month and when so that you can talk about it on social media before it releases.

I don’t typically like to create an image telling people what I’m going to talk about and where they can see it. Once the video is released I will share it more often in the first 24 hours and then regularly over the next few weeks. This is also great content for your newsletter and website.

Coming up in the music video marketing series for this month I’m going to be talking to you about titles descriptions tagging and sharing your videos on social media to get more traction.