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New Music Monday host Jacqueline Jax shares the latest singles trending now on social media. Today’s show features country, alternative, southern country, rock and electro pop.

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Africas music industry is changing tempo..
Demand for homegrown contemporary music is sweeping Africa and driving a creative boom in an industry otherwise battered by falling CD sales and rampant piracy. The cultural influence is filtering down among a lot of music in the US and becoming a reminder to us that pushing boundaries in your art and being an innovator is daintily the way to stand out in the crowd.

News on top brand building platforms that are trending right now..

Image driven app is becoming a strong leader in the brand building race as businesses are flooding to the app to create niche accounts that focus on a particular message.

What does this mean for you? It means you should be thinking about establishing your own point of view and carefully curating how you will be getting the message out there. Two important feeds to notice? Top Posts for each hashtag and Most recent. If you not interacting there, then you have no idea what you doing. Go get some help at I have tons of tutorials to help you build a better music brand.  Don’t forget to use stories to highlight your message and stay in the eye line of your followers.

Major traffic driver especially since they added Twitter moments to the line up of trends and periscope live. Twitter moments is allow you to curate a series of tweets into one story that can be pinned or featured on your account. It’s a great way to highlight your best moments and any feedback you may be getting from a post or series.

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