Don’t get discouraged surround yourself with supportive people


As a creative person, it’s easy to feel isolated and feel down especially when things don’t go right for you. At one time or another we have all been through it. 

Surrounding yourself with a support group really helps. At A.V.A Live Radio, we have created an amazing group of supportive indie music artists, producers and industry creators who know the value of having supportive relationships in their lives.


The secrets to being content and happy involve discovering your passions and learning how to let things go. Find something to work towards that your passionate about and dedicate your focus to it in a way that is driven but realistic.

You have to always look at the big picture and plan for the long term instead of frantically working on that short term goal that you mistakenly think will net the bigger results. It burns you out fast and will leave you disillusioned and spinning. Instead spend time planning a larger goal and then break it down into bite size pieces that you can work towards each week.

Don’t forget to leave room to breathe, be healthy and spend time with your family. Remember your on a journey not a sprint through life. Set it up so you can enjoy it and work at your own pace. It’s up to you to set the goals that make sense for your timeline.

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Filmed with an ipad mini and ikmultimedia lav microphone. Next time I have to remember to turn the volume up by 150% for better cell phone audio. I edit in imovie mostly but it does take a while to render the final video and then upload it. The fastest for short videos are to create something you do not need to edit and upload directly to youtube. lol.


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