Driving 100,000 Unique Viewers To Your Website In 1 Month

Use your passion to drive your content into the hearts of your readers. Don’t change so people will like you, instead be honest & authentic so the right people will find you.  – Jacqueline Jax

@Ganksta_G: Hey @JacquelineJax got my own website but #AskJax what is a blog I can use to drive traffic and how can I go about using it. Www.gankstag.com
Hey there Ganksta G,

I’m glad that you asked that question because it’s very important to the health of your music brand and I have seen brands take off once they have mastered their own domain space. First I would change the layout of your website to a more user friendly wordpress, squarespace or wix template that brings the daily content front an center. You want to make you daily contributions easy to find and let those pieces of content become the activity of your own webspace.

1) Authentic & honest : don’t change so people will like you, be honest & authentic so the right people will find you. Use your passion to drive your content into the hearts of readers.

2) Establish an uncluttered interactive website. WordPress.com or WordPress.org allows you to easy establish a blog and website with their easy templates. Tons of tutorials on it. OS Training has a fabulous coarse that I’ve enjoyed to learn about the latest things happening in web design and content management.

3) If you want to see traffic on your website, you have to be live there first. Work from your website by establishing all your content there first and then sharing it out. Each piece of content your write will become an extension of your brand out there in social media that attract people to you and your website.

4) Guest blogging : look for sites to re-purpose your best content of visit forums where people are talking about your niche or topic and share a link to the page with a great leader. Google search for content like yours and see if that site accepts content. LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups are also great places to share blog posts.

5) Social shares: don’t just share your work once. Create at least 15 different ways to share your message out on social media and pre-schedule the posts on Hootsuite.

#ASKJAX: @DouglasDammann: @JacquelineJax Just curious, how important is fans support & spreading the news about the band ur like on Social Media?

It’s not only important for you but also important to the band. For the band, your showing support and helping them gain more exposure.
For you, it is important because your gaining followers based on the Bands interaction with you but also by sharing something authentic about yourself that a real person can connect with. “I really like this song by … Because…”

Now you fans have something to share with you and you have just created a current update that makes your social feed more social.

6) Add video & audio to your content to entertain your visitors. Today is an incredible era of social and cultural change. Tools like Periscope, Youtube, reverbnation and soundcloud allow us to create free expressions of creativity and distribute them to the world. Use the tools available to speak to the people interested in what you have to say and embed them on your website.

Samples of great websites:
http://www.ellysarose.com– Wix website

I hope you enjoyed my A to your Q.

Thanks for watching me on Periscope today and visit my blog.

See you again tomorrow.


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