Episode 1: 7 Days of Success – Redefining Your Hustle

7 Days of Success – Redefining Your Hustle

Live mini-series focusing on 

the key things top entrepreneurs all over the world do regularly to become successful and also how they keep it moving forward.


Don’t Limit Yourself :
The top of my list comes from Steve Jobs.
Keeping an open mind to everything is so important. 

You do have to trust your gut (intuition) but you have to be open to learn and take in all the important information from your mentors and peers who are accomplishing great things. 

Trust your instincts but know that if your not open to ideas and knowledge you’re going to be walking uphill every step of the way.

Choose something your passionate about and be proud of it. Don’t hide what you love. You need to be YOU so your coming form an authentic place. 
People love a great success story so start publicizing your journey from the start.  Perfection is boring..
All of the greatest inventions were developed from passion not necessarily by being the smartest or most talented person out there.

“Don’t be vanilla. Be vocal, reach out, let people contribute to your growth. It’s so much more fun when you share the journey and if your passionate about turning your dream into a reality, people will love to come along for the ride.”


Don’t do it for the money, it kills innovation. The best ideas come from developing real solutions to problems, they aren’t a result of trying to figure out what’s going to sell. 

You have plenty of time to shape a sales strategy once you have developed your voice and built a decent community around your brand. 

Focusing to hard on sales will make you afraid to take big risks as you develop. Instead, focus on offering value in your products and being innovative first.

Invest in yourself:
This next tip come from Ms Opera.. and I’m a huge advocate of it myself.
 You can’t go anywhere if you don’t perfectly understand your next move. (Even your first move) 
Education is the best way to decide what’s important and how you should move forward. In fact continual education will keep you moving forward. It makes you feel inspired and promotes innovation. 

Learn how to run new equipment, how to use social media to build your business, improve your skills, invest in yourself and your future. It’s the very best money spent.

RUN Your own race..
It’s tempting to feel like your being left behind but 

don’t make your moves based on someone else’s timeline. 
Figure out your strategy and set your own timeline according to what feels right to you. 

When you start gaining momentum, run the race as hard as you can but don’t let anyone define your pace or you could hit a wall and take a huge tumble.

Those are my first 5 Tips Episode 1 from my “7 days of Success” A.V.A Live Radio Live Mini-series.


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