Episode 2: 7 Days of Success – Let it Flow

7 Days of Success – Episode #2 : Let it Flow

Today  I’m giving you another piece to the success puzzle in this live mini-series focusing on 

the key things top entrepreneurs all over the world do regularly to become successful and also how they keep it moving forward.



Finding Peace :
Everyone has struggles but if you find yourself getting confused by them there’s a little secret sauce that helps. Just set away. This may seem simple and easy but it’s actually something we rarely do when things get tough. Many fighters stay in the fight and as a result they suffer burn out and lack of clarity. Changing the environment your in will offer you a new perspective and fresh mind to tackle tough hurdlers faster and with more definitive direction. I personally use exercise, a walk with my dog or just go anywhere that get’s my mind off the block. Meditation really works provided you can exit the space your in. Just embrace the moment without distractions and give your brain a chance to calm down and process. It works!

Be Grateful:
Spend time every day acknowledging your strengths and thinking about what you’ve accomplished. As your learning and building, it’s easy to focus on what you don’t know or what didn’t work instead of having confidence that you can take that next step. We all have upper limits but in order to push though them without stress, you have to have confidence in yourself. I find that by acknowledging how far I’ve come either by writing in a journal, looking at my calendar or even talking it through with someone who’s been around for a while, it helps me have the strength to push forward. When you meditate you can think about how to celebrate those blessings. Just generate as much positive energy as you can and the universe will keep that success rolling your way. Remember if you do hit a road block, it may just be the universe telling you to slow down and take a look at your direction. This is your journey; be confident and appreciate each day that comes with it.



Enjoy What You Do:

Passion is everything. If you don’t love it, you won’t stick with it. Write down what you love about this journey and goal. Then write down what you don’t like. Take the list of what you Don’t like and find someway to make that more fun. I try to break tough things into segments that are much easier to tackle. Write them on a white board and take pride in checking each of those off as you learn them or accomplish them. It builds confidence so you can stop stressing and start enjoying each day. After all your not trying to get your life over with fast, your trying to live a life that matters. Hopefully you’ll also discover a way to give back every day that you are successful.

Those are 3 ways that “I Let it Flow”. Episode 2 from my “7 days of Success” A.V.A Live Radio Live Mini-series.


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** Episode #1 is here: http://jacquelinejax.tv/episode-1-7-days-of-success-redefining-your-hustle/


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