Finding Your SuperFans

Great topic today on Finding and building Superfans that support your Music Brand. It’s important to know the difference between Fan and Super Fan. Plus I covered where to find them and how many you actually need to make a difference in your music business. This might surprise you!

Great reason to have Super fans:

  • Platforms like Indiegogo, crowdfunding and Kickstarter use algorithms to work out who they should promote to fan bases that register in the millions. Hitting 40% of your crowdfunding target, ideally within 24 hours is the key to getting help from the platforms. Although it sounds like a tough ask, hitting that magic 40% of sales in the first day aids the algorithm and helps secure a celebrity slot on the crowdfunding platform’s newsletter, which can be worth an extra 40%-60% of your target. Wow! Go Super fans..
  • Launching Videos: Super fans make sure your videos have the advantage on platforms like youtube and facebook. These platforms measure the activity of the first 48 hours and then the first week of your video launch to decide if they will be giving it a featured spot on their social network. By notifying your fans of the release and building anticipation, you can make sure that video not only gets views but important comments and shares that support it’s value in the eyes of the algorithms.
  • Super fans drive sales. They not only purchase new music and limited edition products from you, they talk about them. I don’t need to remind you just how important honest word of mouth actually is on the internet.