The Future of Influencer Marketing

Building and maintaining an Influencer status.. 

It’s very hard work to make influencer status and even harder keeping it.

Today I’m going to tell you which platforms most influencers are finding most useful in building and maintaining both their following and return on investment.


Daily moves on social media certainly effect the end goal when your building a social brand and developing a valued voice as an influencer.  You not only have to stay on top of technology, it’s really important for you to be consistent and have a clear strategy that works.


With so much content being launched each day on every popular platform, the race is certainly on. But audiences are still craving more value especially within particular niche interests. People who learn to speak openly and honestly to their audience in these interest groups can still shine above the noise.


The need for experts to hold these spots, is there because there is still a gap between value, authentic connection and consistency.


People come and go to quickly on social media and many people switch up their platform content with no warning leaving people spinning and feeling confused by an ever changing message.


Big influencers that stand the test of time master the delivery of their message and keep things focused no matter which platform they jump to and how they decide to press out the message.


Still the pressure for influencers to create and deliver value has never been higher which I think is an incredible opportunity.

How do you choose the place where you can make the most impact?

Instagram, blogging, youtube, facebook, twitter, Snapchat… there are so many choices.

But what’s hot today isn’t likely to be again tomorrow as we are now seeing with Snapchats quickly ghosting celebrity creators jumping the space for instagram, twitter and facebook.


What do influencers consider to be a preferred social media space to play in? 

Here’s what they’re saying …

Zero percent called out Snap chat as a priority focus of their social media delivery plan.

28% percent cited Instagram and 26% percent said Pinterest, which were among the top performers for over all promotion ROI’s. (Return on investment)

Basic good old fashioned blogging came in at 24%, while 14% felt Facebook to be most significant.

Twitter was also still a must have for quick interactions and reach. Plus a trusted aggregator of news and website content.

With Snapchat showing a lack of ROI, influencers just can’t seem to pad their bank accounts with cash from the platform and the brands are loosing interest in it’s lacking growth.



The Leaders in income producing ROI’s..

Financially, still the favorite at 86% of the vote is blogging as being the #1 way that influencers generate income.

The second-biggest source of income for influencers is Instagram (More than 50%) with so much engagement and eyes on every post.

Following up with 43% saying that Facebook is still a terrific income producer for their brand.

Youtube was also mentioned as a huge promotional channel provided that you are willing to invest valued time in producing content almost daily if not 2-3 times per week. A bubble bursting change that has been driving Youtube content producers into the chairs of therapists this year.

Of coarse with every update things can always change but in all the years I’ve been at this,  nothing can shift the definitive certainty of a curated mailing list and your own mobile friendly active website.

It’s always a sound investment on your future.

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