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Let’s break down a good music marketing strategy that will set you apart from the rest of the pack and get you more plays on soundcloud.

All of the streaming sites work as tools to help make your music available to people who listen to music on that particular app. It’s this school of thought that offers the advantage to any artist for being on more than one of them.


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There are many of them such as Itunes, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Google play, Amazon, Reverbnation, Bandcamp… the list is never ending.

I’m a huge fan of Youtube as a primary necessity for any musician but I also see many artists gaining exceptional traction from utilizing the soundcloud platform.

The tracks are easy to share, people can leave comments on them and the app allows listeners to save their favorites, develop playlists and gain access both on their phone and computer without a costly membership fee.

Soundcloud is made up if 175 million monthly active users (Spotify 140 million) 10 million of which are musicians, labels, venue owners, A&R reps, and producers. So it’s filled with people in the business who can discover your music.

In fact, we have been curating playlists on the app for years and often send them out to our affiliated music industry people who are seeking new artists to hire.

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But the ever growing question is…

How do you get more plays on Soundcloud?

Here’s a great strategy..


Develop your profile:
Surprisingly many artists just don’t take time to develop a strong branded profile on many of these social and exposure pages so if you make things pop with amazing images and quality music, you will stand out. Think of your profile as your Press Pack.

People should be able to get a full understanding of your brand from the first glance and listen. It’s your first and last impression to anyone landing on that page.

Talk about who you are as an artist, highlight 2-3 of your best achievements, associate your sound with your influences and note venues or important contributors to your craft.

You can even note some amazing press reviews you’ve received.

Be sure to upload unique and high quality art work with each track uploaded (not a grainy selfie) so that each piece of work can brand you as it is shared out to the social media world.

Hashtags are also enabled on this platform and you need to use them. Tag up your genre, sub genre and anything that is commonly used on the platform to help you get located in search.


Engage with the audience:

I see this step not happening alot with artists on all the platforms. Many times pages look so abandoned because the artist just spends no time there. If someone leaves a comment, definitely answer them and recommend an extra track they may also enjoy that’s like the one they love.

You also want to try to move people into your email list whenever possible so try to entice them with a sneak peak page of your new video you have coming out or a free download.

If you have a crowdfund that features great limited edition merchandise, then that’s a great time to introduce it with a comment such as:

“If you love this song, I have a limited edition Tee shirt being offered in my crowdfund this week for it. I think you’ll also really love the Gold package filled with personal gifts I’ve put together for my special fans.”  

You also want to go out into soundcloud and engage with the other profiles. Leave comments with people who are link you and build community around what you love. This way when you launch new tracks you have a nice group of people who will support each other on the platform.

If they spread the word, ask them to share using your twitter tag and you’ll come back and do the same. It’s a win, win type of collaboration that allows you to push new music of the same genre in front of new audiences.


Branch Out:

Remember the playlist feature is a great way to collaborate with other artists. If everyone creates a playlist of 10 other artists in the same genre or subject matter, you can each share that playlist allowing your music to spread x 10. If each person has 1,000 people on their twitter feed, that’s a shared reach of at least 100,000 people.

You also want to share your tracks to other social media platforms, embed your playlists and tracks in your website and send press releases out to all kinds of blogs that fit your genre and subject.

Think of things like : Wedding songs, weekend mixes, party playlists, beach weekends, cruise singles… All of these could be offered to youtubers in the comment sections, or bloggers.

You can drop those playlists in group pages, link them up on pinterest or even use the clickable link on a designated Instagram page.

Should you buy plays?

OH NO! People can totally tell when you have purchased plays. Don’t do it. It’s total waste of money and gets you now where.

When people see alot of plays but not comments, they know that your faking it. Labels and industry people will stay away from you because they won’t want to get involved with someone who is hyped up on faking how good they are. That’s the kind of trouble and attitude no one wants to do business with.

If your going to buy adds, find quality music websites with tons of views or influencers with large followings and spend your money being featured on their websites, blogs and social pages.

Three amazing websites that do this very well and will embed both your single and playlist right into their websites plus offer a month of social media exposure are..

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It’s way more effective.


Hope you get some plays this week.

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