Greedy Marketers: How to avoid spamming your followers with your adds and call to actions

JaxScope greedy marketers social mediaAre you a greedy marketer?
The important thing I will be talking about is how to avoid spamming your followers with your adds and call to action requests.

Marketing is a slippery slope to navigate on social media. Let’s figure out how to stand out from the noise without being a pain!

Let me ask you..
What bothers you most that people post on social media?

What top thing makes you unfollow someone?

What is a greedy Marketer?
A Greedy Marketer is someone who just thinks of hitting millions of people with their message without ever getting personal.

Millions of people are posting their “Call to Action” every single day expecting their customers to react but it’s not happening.

Here are 5 things you need to consider before posting one more useless and intrusive advertisement.

1. Don’t Spam- contacting fans with repetitive information is no fun and will cause people to unsubscribe. Be sure to mix up your content and find different ways to introduce your products or music to your fans. Be creative by using different photos, quotes, client testimonials, etc.

2. Help your customers to accomplish their goals by providing valuable information (Hopefully that your product can solve) Think of 1 thing your product can solve for someone. If you don’t have a product or service then pretend you are a musician. Think of your favorite song and tell me why I would enjoy it or relate to it.

3. Understand your visitors and find ways to help improve their lives or support their needs by solving a problem. 

**If you are a music, then talk about the story behind your song. What is the song about? How do you feel about it? Create a story around what you are doing and post a link at the bottom where it can be purchased. This way when they want to listen, they can buy right on that link.

4. Millennials today love DIY or self service modes. They hate to be sold by marketers. Think about user friendly landing pages that sell your products quickly and easily. If your customers can’t find the information they need on your page quickly and easily they will leave and find it else where.

5. Do it bigger and better: Don’t be satisfied with your current capabilities. Always find ways to improve by seeking out knowledge or people who are out-lining the latest information.

If your going to do this, you must take some time to do it right so set aside a weekly time slot to get your game plan down for the week and pre-schedule some posts that you can watch and interact with. Add some in on the fly during the week.

Then check your stats and watch carefully what performs for you by getting the most engagement. Write your notes and try again in week 2.