How Artist are Utilizing Independant Podcasts to advance their careers


Over the past few decades, podcasting and online radio has bloomed. We have been nurturing and growing our audience for over 10 year to offer artists the huge benefits of a large established audience and direct delivery to the public sidestepping the BIG media gatekeepers.

Why is Spotify investing 500 million in podcasting?

The impact of this investment is not just about Spotify’s bottom line: it’s also about the podcast business potentially upending the entire music-industry ecosystem at large, to the benefit of artists. And that’s a great thing..

Spotify and similar distribution services (soundcloud and youtube) have facilitated recorded music’s disintermediation, enabling artists to release their music independently direct to these sharing and discovery platforms.

Podcasts continue this tradition by allowing artist to sidestep BIG media gatekeepers and share their own narratives directly with fans — a capability that dates all the way back to the iPod (but is more relevant now than ever in the largely unpredictable world of streaming).

The future is here and AVA Live Radio is working hard to get your message heard. Utilize our open gates to deliver your message in a positive and impactful way with direct to fan story telling and our New Music Monday Playlists.

The benefits of what AVA Live Radio has built over the current options used by artists, managers and labels.. 

Typically a label hires a publicist, the publicist calls the media destination to ask for a premiere of a music video, or new music release, the label issues a press release and the artist spends money to reach their own fanbase on Facebook through advertising. GOD no!! Seriously facebook??

Said advertising on social media outlet ends up making the most money from ads against all that traffic, with no direct upside for the artist or label.

“What we’re seeing now through our consistency and AVA Live Radio growth strategy is that artists can go directly to fans without these middlemen. The artists are becoming the media and our marketing team is becoming their own pushers of the message through audio, video, newsletter, story telling, music blogs, and playlists. “

Here’s where to start: 

Typically management teams will do a combination of New Music Release, a Behind The Music Interview and then a series of features on magazines and music blogs.

Here is our signup page for all the segment options so you can read about them and additionally signup for a set of magazine & music blog features each with their own following + the Behind The music interview series:


From social media exposure to SEO on google search and of course a never ending replayable broadcast that helps to put your music on the map. We fill each of our promotional packages with so many benefits but there’s so much more to it that you don’t see. Find out by asking us more or taking a look at each promo.

Our growth has been amazing and I want to see you all capturing those benefits by signing up for a New Music Monday or Behind The Music Promotion. There are huge benefits to both of these series.

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