How Body Language Determines Your Confidence Level

jaxscope building confience 2

Athletes have always known the value of confidence in achieving their goals and most importantly the race is often won from the way you start.

As athletes we are trained to hold your body in a good solid frame. That structure lines up your confidence level before you take that first swing, leap or stride and can really determine how the outcome will be.

Think of a Golf swing, tennis swing, baseball swing, football throw, hockey goal, runners stride, or a swimmers leap.It all begins with a confident and strong start.

I think life is a lot like sports. You must not only have the stamina to stick it out through the rough spots but you really have to go into your career with a strong start and the confidence that you can do it!

Take a great example from athletes as they cross the finish line. Hands held up extended towards the gods and a big smile on their face. This victory pose is well known.

So next time your preparing to face a challenge, don’t go in with low posture, roll your shoulders back, raise those hands up high and go in feeling confident.