How easy is it to get paid for blogging about your passion

jacqueline jax jaxscope blogging successHow easy is it to get paid for blogging about your passion? There is so much information out there on blogging for money but I’ve noticed that the real important stuff often get’s left out so I decided to get real with you about how to make blogging as an income a possibility. On the live stream I covered the how to create and plan your marketing model with some of the pitfalls as you get started.

How easy is it to get paid for blogging about your passion?

1) You need a great website: wordpress themes can make that easy for you.

2) Subscriber list with a solid following in your niche. Mail chimp
Niche your topic wide enough for future growth.

3) Have a plan before you start. Think of the future and how this will play out. What are the possibilities?

4) Do your research by reading about the business of blogging. IFB, Pat Flynn Smart Passive income, Blogging

5) Include multi-media: audio podcast, live periscope stream, youtube version embedded into your blog and uploaded directly to facebook.

6) Think about monetization: Direct company affiliate links pay the most.. Amazon is an option, google adds pays the least unless your traffic is huge and you have amazing add placement. Direct add sales and blogging for clients directly will pay the most.

7) Think about downloadable products. If you develop a great following and you become a trusted source who doesn’t sell out but blogs only about things you truly use of believe in then you will surely be able to create user guides, books and content that will be helpful to your audience.

8) Courses are always a great source of passive income. Think about testing out becoming an affiliate first for a product that you believe in and monitor the interest level from your audience.

9) Advertise your most helpful content: social media: facebook, twitter, periscope, youtube, google plus, linkedin, pinterest, instagram..

10) Look into bloggers recommended tools for your business. I’ll create a page on the new Insider resource website for the launch with helpful tools.