How much your fan numbers really matter to your music career

I would love to tell you that your fan numbers don’t matter but the fact of the matter is, if you want a career in music, you have got to make this a priority.

Enough messing around with playing the “poor me” song over and over again or waiting for things to change on their own.

When your trying to get signed by a label or grab a very hard to obtain spot in that big festival, your numbers really matter.

Today I was speaking with a friend in the industry who is helping to connect labels and festivals with Artists. The main problem wasn’t in finding awesome bands with amazing music, it’s all coming down to the numbers.

They will simply not pull that trigger and take a chance on you no matter how great your music is unless you have engaged fans.

So how do you measure up? The average Band they are considering has around 100,000 overall fans between subscribers and all your social media pages combine but if the band has little engagement on their social media pages, then your dream deal is going to be on hold for a very long time. Even worse, another band who’s killing it on social media can jump right into your spot at any given moment.

So if you are setting your sights on those lofty career goals, I’m happy to help you improve those numbers and develop deeper connections with your audience but you’re going to have to take that first step.

Working with a knowledgeable branding specialist is an absolute must for your future. I know how to make an Artist into an influencer so you can snag those amazing opportunities your spending so much time applying for.

I’m giving you all the Inside scoop, come join my group today.

It will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and your career.

Jacqueline Jax
Entertainment Branding Specialist
Host of A.V.A Live Radio