How Spotify Playlists are helping indie artists gain more exposure

The Buzz around how Spotify Playlists are helping indie artists gain more exposure is never ending. We are seeing it being used in many interesting ways.

There’s a lot of talk these days around music streaming subscription services and how they will impact the music business.

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Streaming is a big priority, all three major labels have dedicated divisions for curating and promoting music playlists on Spotify: UMG has Digster, Sony has Filtr, WMG has PlaylistMe, and WEA, WMG’s distribution and artists services arm now owns .


The over all strategy of playlisting is to market music through these carefully curated lists and ultimatelyincrease their artists Spotify streams (plays) by attracting followers to playlists based on themes and genres.

Once that following is established, they can then use those playlists to “seed” new tracks as they are released. Think of this kind of marketing as a new form of radio promo where the tastemakers are the playlist curators and curators are influencers who work to establish their credibility and brand based on their ability to promote.

We use our playlists in a very similar way but instead of just trying to deliver music to music fans, we are using our email system and playlists to deliver music to industry.

Here’s how playlists are working for us:

We have our own playlists @AVALiveRadio and @JacquelineJax (see below)

We circulate them in several ways for maximum exposure. The first is through multiple channels of social media. The second way we utilize playlists to gain exposure for the musicians we work with is through email.

Over 10 years of marketing music, collecting contacts and building relationships, we have developed a strong list in our industry.

Each week after the playlists have been refreshed with the new additions, we email them out to our contact list among which are stations, DJ’s, Filmmakers, content creators, event coordinators, journalists, music magazine editors, sync licensing agents, managers, labels, booking agents, etc.

For example:

Some are radio stations keeping track of the singles they want to play in the future, some are music fans playlisting for personal use and some are booking agents or sync licensing companies creating lists of artists work to put in front of their clients for possible opportunities.

We also have filmmakers creating lists to keep track of artists they may like to work with in the future.

People from our press list add the artists they like to their lists for different reasons depending on their needs. We see open rates on our email anywhere from within the first 20 minutes of mailing to as long as 1 month later with an end open rate of 85%.



We have artists email us daily to let us know that after their songs went through our AvA Live Radio promotions, they saw the songs added to many different playlists some that were very popular. They also report growth on twitter, facebook and instagram as a result of images and music links that we share for each artist.


Over all we have received a very positive response from this package and artists come back to use it often. That’s always a great sign of it’s continued value.

Music applications are here:


Succeeding in the music business is all about making connections. Sometimes the willingness to outwork anyone else just is’t enough. You’ve got to also have a strategy and a plan of action.

Let us be your plan of action.


Jacqueline Jax

Entertainment Branding specialist, Music journalist and host of AVA Live Radio

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