How to create Instagram Videos that Stand out

Standing out among your competitors can be difficult with so many videos being posted each day. As many businesses are increasing the amount of video they publish, social media is getting even more crowded.

Since you have these two realities working against you, I’m here to give you 4 ways to make your videos stand out among this ever growing mountain of video content.




  1. Brand your videosToday it’s not enough to make a video, you’ve also got to thing about the visual and how that communicates you brand from the beginning. At the very least, choose a theme color or build a backdrop that you use for a particular video segment that you want people to subscribe to and watch regularly. Makes sure your images that represent your videos, your website and your social media pages are all displaying the same color palette and theme to unify your presence. This little trick really helps your videos to become more recognizable. This is really important because if your content is amazing, then people will always watch your videos moving forward when they get a visual reminder that the video they see in that busy timeline is part 2 of your series.

    Remember building a brand is part about delivering quality but it’s crucial to give people something visual to recognize that quality is associated with you uniquely.

  2. Create Video that fits the platformEvery platform is different. In fact, studies have shown that most people are recognizing vertical video as the most common format on social media. Depending on where your posting video or doing live streams, be sure to fit your platform. For instance, if you are creating video for youtube then landscape mode is still the winner there. But facebook, twitter and instagram have definitely become vertical video platforms so you will want to keep this videos in that format to be user friendly.
  3. First ImpressionsHow you start a video is really important. The images should be crisp and interesting. If you are talking in your video, make sure your intro is short and to the point. Describe what people are about to learn form you or announce the topic of discussion. There have also been studies that including subtitles at least in the beginning of your video increase the probability that people will watch more than 3 seconds of your video. You will also want to create a custom image that will open your video. Most apps allow you to specify your thumbnail and that it typically a deciding factor credibility so make it a great one. The customization of a video’s opening scene grabs viewers attention and increases engagement analytics and brand awareness.
  4. Use mobile apps to make it betterHigh quality video can be captured on just about every cell phone today but to make your video stand out, think about utilizing different apps on your phone that can adjust temperature and even add a filter overlay to the footage. There are also some amazing filters to use right on instagram and facebook when you start a live stream. Pick something great and works with your brand and then don’t forget to save the video for later after you’re done just in case you want to use it later.

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