How to get 100 new subscribers every day

Have you got serious skills but no one seems to care or be listening? Well maybe it’s time that you started to rethink your strategy.


I’m here to open up this really important conversation about social media numbers and how it can effect your future.

Hopefully the goal here is to educate you on some basic skills so you can start looking at your subscriber base a little less as vanity numbers and improving your connection to each of those people.

We aren’t looking to go wide here with social media because wide doesn’t work and neither does narrow. Going all in on one social media page is fine but never smart if you aren’t able to move those people to an email list or a space that you have full control over.

Stretching yourself over tons of social media pages is only really valuable to you if you are able to dig into each one deeply and that requires a team so keep in mind that your goals for social should be shifting as new apps become more popular and demographics change on particular spaces. It’s just the nature of technology.

Also the end goal must be decided to a point because attention is fleeting and I’m hoping that most of you listening are looking to build and grow your own business rather than just be popular.

Popular is such a waste of your life and so fleeting because it means that there could be masses of people but no real lasting career opportunities and no future for those who aren’t smart enough to create a solid brand while the attention is available.


Let’s look at ways to gain more quality followers who are more likely to follow you where ever you go and become clients based on trust, your qualified skills and consistent hard work.



Working with others isn’t just about making content together. Sure, that’s one way that does help you gain more exposure but you really have to use what you have available on a daily basis to grow your audience and that for some of you will mean social media interactions.

Think of people who you have in your immediate circle and make a deal with them. Collaborate together on comment chains which can be used on any social media platform to boost engagement rates and help everyone involved to win.

Instagram pods are a small groups of people who stay in contact to support each others posts by commenting and tagging others regularly. You can reach out to people around you who are actively launching content and get them involved in group projects.

The easiest way to stay connected is to establish a time that everyone should post and stick to it. This way each member only has to be on social media for about 30 minutes to support each other and kick start the conversations and bring others into valuable content and conversations posted.  This is how you gain followers quickly. But everyone has to be on point with what they post so be sure to coordinate topics so there’s an easy theme to follow and make it fun.


Level up your media :

Images, branding, video content. It’s all got to be amazing. Leave how to work your phone and play with lighting to improve your daily content. Live streaming is huge on all platforms and certainly has proven to work at connecting more deeply with your audience as well as promote growth.

Images are also very helpful in telling a story, being reactive to someones post in a personal way or creating an emotional response so use them. They are feel marketing opportunities and social media is a very visual place.


Story telling:


First you’ve got to understand who your speaking to and then start telling your story appealing to that specific audience.

Fill in the blank..

“You will love this because… ” 

If you can’t fill in this blank then you are really lacking in knowledge about your audience and lacking in content substance..

Offering quality content and a clear point of view on everything that you do is what makes people follow your pages and react. It’s not enough to just post things on your website social media pages, or newsletter.

If you ARE NOT feeding a need in a clear and valuable way, why should ANYONE subscribe to you?



If you don’t answer every comment, then your missing out on hundreds of chances to gain followers. On most social media pages, people comment for a couple of reasons.

First they comment to see if anyone answers before following your page themselves.

Second, they have liked something about your content enough to leave a comment to see if there’s any kind of connection they may be able to have with you.

Third, they are hoping that you show an interest in them enough to make things move forward.

“People love to connect but if you don’t give them something more to connect with, someone else will and your valuable post will just be forgotten in the time it takes to hit refresh. “


Remember that if you want to reach people and get them interested in what you have to say, you’ve got to first become a great listener and second create content that they are actually talking about and caring about.

The only way to know what that is, is by listening to someone else instead of  just own voice. 

Every company knows that a clear road to having repeat customers is to not avoid conversation and feedback but to engage in as many conversations as you possibly can.

Only then can you learn and continue to be a noted contributor to an ongoing conversation that’s really important to your audience.


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