How to get more twitter followers 2018

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Do you know how to get followers on twitter 2018?

How to grow on twitter can be considered an art form but building your brand on twitter is actually fairly simple.

We move about 100,000 unique extra monthly views into our web pages and subscribe boxes using twitter. That’s alot of traffic to miss out on from just one little social platform. I have always recommended advertising your music on twitter because it’s really easy to link pages on the platform and people are open and receptive to following links on this platform. As far as growing your following on twitter, I like spending lunch time on the app because I tend to see much more engagement during that time.


What are the Best times of day to post on twitter?

I think people tend to chat alot during their breaks and check the news feeds at that time as well. As far as posting, I like to post in the morning, lunch time and evenings. Hootesuite is a second party app that can be used to preschedule posts to this app and keep you on schedule. Try mixing up your content using images, video clips and just text only statements as content possibilities.

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