How To Get More Youtube Video Views using other social media pages

Jax Daily How To Get More Youtube Video Views. Are you getting frustrated with youtube notifications not showing your subscribers that you’ve uploaded a new video? I have some great tips for bringing more views to your youtube videos quickly and they will help keep your social media pages more lively with engagement as well.

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YouTube announced that it was experimenting with the way videos appear in users’ subscription boxes. Rather than appearing chronologically, the videos now appear in order of interest. Many vloggers feared that this would drive their views down because their videos would become harder to find. However, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your viewers know when you upload a new video and watch it as soon as they can.

Here are a few ways to get more views the day you upload.

1) Start creating more engaging posts about your upcoming video on twitter, facebook and instagram that work for that particular platform. (listen to the podcast for details)

2) Use the 24 hour window strategy to I describe on the podcast to maximize your exposure to new people

3) Implement a sound social friendly strategy using twitter, instagram, linkedin and facebook to drive more views to your channel and the actual video.

All details for my strategy are described in the podcast.

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