How to grow on instagram April 2018 : Growth Hacks You’ll love

How to grow on instagram based on the April 2018 Algorithm.

That’s right, it’s not only important to understand how to grow but you now have to understand how to grow based on this months latest changes in the Instagram Algorithm.

This is video #3 from my 4 part on going Instagram Series. I have listed the other videos for you below.

Jacqueline Jax for AVA live Radio tells you about tips to help you grow your following on instagram.

This video covers:

  • How to start growing your instagram following fast

  • Using hashtags to grow on instagram

  • How to collaborate with people on instagram

  • Content ideas for instagram


 Why do Instagram?

Perhaps you may want to go into business for yourself some day or you have a creative project that you’ve been working on and you’d like to see it gain some exposure, instagram is currently a great place to experience social media during a growth phase.

When I say growth phase I mean that Instagram is just in the middle of a massive growth where people are both using it daily and still very open to exploring new people and businesses through it. That’s a great time to get in there and experiment.

On Instagram we have a platform that’s fairly easy to navigate and highly responsive through some basic actions that you can take to spread the word about what your doing.

The key to it aside from the technical things that I’m teaching you to get your content in front of people is having great content and being on board to build relationships with people.

Actually with all that you do, The key to any projects success is to be able to build the right relationships with the right people and nurture them over time.

Listen to the Podcast experience:

Instagram tips:

1. Hashtags: Rumors are saying that you shouldn’t post more than 5 tags and it must be in the description box after the description. I’ve tested this and thus far, I still get more new exposure by using 30 tags. I have posted it different ways. 5 in the description and 25 in the first comment and then all at once and both worked. We will have to see if it changes as more algorithm changes rolls out. Using hashtags to grow on instagram works.

2. Post cycle myth: There have been lots of hype around having 1 hour or 30 minutes to get traction on a post in order to improve how many people instagram will show your post to. I actually am seeing a good hour of hype on some of my posts on my personal account @JacquelineJax but my comments tend to come in fairly quickly when I post there so that activity really helps. On the other accounts where the comments aren’t as active, the posts seem to have about 10 minutes before it makes a decision on how valuable that post is.

If comments come in within 1 hour and it gets about 50-60 likes, then the post seems to start ranking in top posts of less competitive hashtags. If the post gathers about 100+ likes in an hour or within the first day, I start to see that top post rank remaining on the board. If comments continue, then the ranking increases and the next post seems to be seen by those same people + others. This leads us to believe that the success of the last post effects the success of the next post.

3. Team work: Create a pod of about 10 people who will turn on your post notifications and agree to all post at the same time each day. This way when you post, everyone can be sure to like and comment on your post within that first 10 minutes to help each other hack the algorithm. It’s really important.

I get into pods with the artists that I currently am launching on the radio and many of us stick around each other for longer time periods because we really like each others content so try to collaborate in this way with your favorites since you all are commenting on each others posts all the time anyhow. Using pods on instagram

4. Content ideas for instagram: Write a great description that encourages conversation and tells the audience more about the photo. People like details. Think also about any brands you can tag up in your photo to plan collaboration chains for the future or get your customers used to looking for your tags. Don’t over post a description. Some people shy away from reading really big descriptions so just a couple of sentences is fine.


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