How to Make it as a Music Artist Today

I’ll bet this blog post is going to really surprise you.

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Becoming a Successful Artist

It may surprise you but most artists don’t make it because they never take the necessary steps to make things happen. I’m not talking about being the #1 Billboard charting artist, I’m talking about having a steady sustained income as a musicians with a healthy and supportive fan base that helps you turn your dream into a reality.

Many artists lack the confidence it takes to develop a fan base and become successful. It’s really not dependent on them becoming the VERY BEST player, it’s not even about being the VERY BEST producer either. Being successful in this industry is much more realistic and achievable if you take the necessary steps to get there and make things happen for yourself. 
So many of you will fail simply because you listen to the other artists who would rather complain about how hard it is when they actually haven’t even tried. There are so many musicians whining instead of doing… But that’s good for you because as long as they are crying about how hard it is, you could be selling music, merchandise, raising funds for your next project, drawing people into your fan base and producing awesome music for a LIVING!


It’s no lie that there are tons of amazing artists in this world but many people see this as a set back. Believe me, it’s no set back. Seeing artists creating projects and producing music means that technology will continue to grow and offer even more free tools to help artists to develop their skills. It also means that the cost of producing and launching music will continue to be very affordable as companies are all working hard to compete with each other to get the attention of each artist. Another great advantage is that all of your fellow artists are training music fans to seek out music that they REALLY love. This will make it easier for you to find your niche audience on any social media platform as they will be searching for someone just like you. Finally, with more than 500 million people out there on each social media platform, your odds are great that you’ll find at least 5,000 people who will LOVE your music.


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Listen to me closely… YOU HAVE NO LIMITATIONS..
Why? because anything you don’t do well, you can learn, hire for it or join forces with someone who does..  Remember that saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way??
Now use that saying to align yourself with someone who has mastered what you don’t do well. They can teach you in exchange for you helping them out or you can hire them. Either way, it’s a business secret that every Entrepreneur learn to master. Once you know what you need, you can find it and collaborate with someone great who can add that piece to your puzzle. Team work is awesome and fun. Just keep it fair. Make sure what your asking someone to do for you, offers them just as much value that what you time to get.

Word to the wise:

NEVER ask someone to help you build your business for FREE. It’s the most insane expectation and a common mistake that many indie artists make today. Value for Value is always the best rule in building any business.

What Kind of Artist do you want to be?

Recording artist, Touring artist, Songwriter, creator of film scores, Musician in a band…. There are so many slices of the musical pie and anything you focus on is really open to you especially if you start by first defining it, then give yourself about 1 week to research other people in that niche. 
Your going to research to define how they are making money and also look for details in how they are shaping their brand. Are they using a particular social media page in a defined way. What kind of interactions are taking place with social media platforms. Do they have an email list you can sign up for to see what it’s like inside the doors of their company and work?
Dig in and spend a full week allowing yourself to discover people who can give you amazing ideas and open your eyes to the world that exists within that niche. 

What you will need:

  1. Website – 
  2. Email list to nurture relationships and stay in touch with your fans
  3. Social page of choice, typically you need 2 of these (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)
  4. Payment option (PayPal or your website build on a platform that has an incorporated shopping cart Squarespace)
  5. Smart Phone with a great camera
  6. Video camera
  7. Computer to edit your videos
  8. Distribution platform (revebrnation, CD baby, band camp, tune core.. look at them carefully and compare)
  9. Marketing Strategy (Which you can get from this website, check below for some awesome categories) 


Finally…Be consistent.

If you really want this, you can make it happen. Get started by following the steps of this blog post and you’ll start to see a clear pattern and strategy emerge. Don’t worry about how your going to fund it until you get there. First you build it, then you can learn about how to collect the income, how to market to your email list, how to crowdfund… It’s all going to part of your business strategy depending on what you choose. 

Define who you want to be and do the research. 




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