How to Market Music Hiphop Style

The Hip Hop music market is at the top of the food chain when it comes to competition so if your a hiphop artist today you’ve got to be doing it way better than your fellow artists to command attention in an already over saturated space. 

In Hip hop as in most genres it’s all about the music, production quality and message. Deliver those things consistently in record time and you’ll see things really change. But how much music should you be releasing and how often?

I have a minimum release schedule for you to look at:


Based on a 30 day monthly cycle:

Before everything starts, get your music announcement into AVA Live Radio so my social media team can help you form your press releases and start pushing out all of your pre-release marketing content. This will make such a huge impact for all of your time invested. 

Our social media team and artist development administration gets your new music announcement in front of industry, music fans, social media and other music tastemakers who can help push it all forward. 

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Week 1: 

Live stream from inside the studio. How’s the music being made? Where did the inspiration come from? 

Take the fans into your heart by talking about the vibe of the song about to drop and give them some pre-release clips to listen to.  Post on your social media pages and you will capture attention through like facebook, twitter or instagram. The more your live streaming or posting video stories about your progress and showing how things are getting done, the more chances you have to get people really excited about the music you already have out and what’s coming up ahead. 

This video doesn’t have to be an official video, you could be shooting b-roll for a lyric video or doing a photoshoot. Basically this is the content created in preparation for the release that gives the fans a glimpse of what’s going down. 

They need to hear a snip and visually see you expressing the message of why this is coming about. If you need help with this step, our Artist Development team will help you get ideas for what you could be saying and doing in this week 1. 

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Week 2:

The merchandise arrives. I recommend developing merchandise for every single you release. Think about how the song can translate on a tee shirt or other merch and how that could be exciting for your fans. It there something in the theme or message of the song that could be used as an icon for the advertisement?

People are really visual and if you want to start nurturing super fans, you’ve got to be releasing something they can touch as well as the music.

Release the merchandise before the single comes out and start wearing it everywhere to help you boost awareness about your music brand and new release coming out. This is also a great time to advertise your crowd fund, pre-sale page or any giveaways you have going on before the single launches. 

Places where you can create your own merchandise free:
There are so many: Google Create my own merchandise 

Week 3:

Launch your single. Congrats!!! Are you on New Music Monday? Your should be…

Check out all the new music I’m launching right now:

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Get it out on all platforms and start cycling that out on social media. Our team will already be funneling your previous content and working along with you to build up your momentum. It’s important not to share the same stuff over and over again. This is where many artists go wrong. You’ve got to have about 10-15 different pieces of content to cycle around your social media pages. 

Some ideas:

  • Links to your single on different streaming sites
  • Live stream talking about some words of wisdom that comes from the song message
  • Song lyrics written or created on an image of you
  • Your video content that you created in week 1
  • Clips from your video stories that you gathered while you were working on the release and song or video creation
  • Official photo’s : Photo’s taken while trying to create your single cover / album art : behind the scenes shots / photo from gigs / selfies wearing your merchandise


Week 4:

Release a behind the scenes video on set while filing your music video. This also works for photoshoots and gigs.   No doubt sometime after your single is released, your going to be shooting or releasing a music video. To gain hype about your current release and get people excited about what’s ahead, release a video about it. Then you can break it up into smaller stories online and also post pictures from the day of filming. 


Those are some ideas for creating an impactful release. You should be on a monthly cycle whenever possible of releasing music if you really want to build momentum and keep bringing in those dollars. Just remember it only takes 1,000 super fans to generate a 100,000 in income for you just from supporting the music, buying the single and scooping up some new merchandise. 

If you work hard and amp up your content creation around each song release, you’ll be doing this full time in a few short months. 

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