How to Post a Video from Periscope to Instagram

Jaxscope Jacqueline Jax instagram periscope tipHave you been wondering how to turn your periscope live stream into content for your instagram feed?

I discovered a great way to do it quickly with very little down time. With these easy steps you can start launching your awesome periscope videos right to other platforms like Instagram for double duty advertising.

You know how much I love to re-purpose content, especially live streaming ones!!!

1) There is a setting in the Periscope App that allows you to save your video locally on your phone.

Go into Periscope “Settings” Find the slider that turns on “Autosave Broadcast” – Then it will ask your permission to allow Periscope to access your photos. Say “Ok” .  Your videos should now save to your devise provided you have enough space on your phone or ipad to save them.

2) Create your scope, then after the scope is finished watch for the information to appear after you have ended your broadcast. Under your video and stat information you should see the “Saved to your phone” option.

3) Open up your Instagram app, select video, find your periscope video saved in your files, select video, clip the section you would like to use, add any filters, then add your descriptions. Leave your hashtags in the comment section so it doesn’t leave your post looking too spammy. YOU ARE Done!