How to promote your music in 2018

If you were only promoting on Facebook, it’s time to change up the way you work.

Facebook tested a change that shifted all non-promoted posts coming from pages out of its news feed. The shift was catastrophic for artists, music marketers and all content creators who rely on the social network to build and engage an audience.

After this change occurred in October, it left the traditional main news feed filled only with original content from friends and advertisers paying for reach.

“This change has resulted in user engagement with Facebook pages dropping by as much as 60% to 80%,” according to Alex Hem, who first reported the tests.

Once rolled out broadly, it will greatly diminish the value of free marketing on the social network dramatically leaving only people who are electing to receive your page notifications 1st in their feed which is difficult to do if you don’t provide the exact posts that a person wants to see first in their newsfeed. Further, once you abuse that privilege even one time by being to spammy your own followers will tune you out at the touch of  a button and will never see you posts again.

This is way to sensitive of a process to build your business around so I hope you are making adjustments to your marketing plan for 2018.

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