How to Stand out on Instagram 2018

So you want to learn
How to Stand out on Instagram 2018
and how to become famous on instagram 2018.

Get your note pad ready because you’re going to have to do alot of work to get there but I’m seeing people do it constantly.

Growing your music following on instagram can be tricky stuff. There’s alot involved because you have to take photo’s and plan your posts.

You have to learn how to create more engagement on instagram and understand what not to do on instagram 2018 so you don’t waste your time. To become famous on social media 2018 isn’t really all that difficult actually. You just have to have amazing content and be really consistent. Strategy is also clearly important because if you want to become famous on overnight you’ll need to be up most every night connecting with hundreds of people each day.

In fact, every time you post you need to stay on the app and be connecting with new people. I have 3 videos posting this week to tell you how to do it. Here’s the first one.



Post Unique Content

Well that’s a no brainer, but actually often over looked.

We hear this over-and-over again in the social media marketing world: post unique content but if you don’t stand out, then your account won’t build quickly.

Sometimes it takes just a little extra effort on the strategy side of things to make a huge impact.

Instead of sharing another view of what you had for lunch, maybe you could save that for the Instagram stories section and keep the carefully curated brand building content for your focused feed.

Finding a way to stand-out really is essential in order to gain followers, and increase the amount of likes and comments on your Instagram posts. It’s easy to get into the routine of uploading snaps of your morning coffee or your outfits of the day — so think outside the box, and find a way to switch it up.

Save those in the moment lower quality posts for instagram stories if they are necessary and curate the content on your main feed so that it tells a story in those first 9 photo’s at all times.

You still need to add fresh content but it’s important to look at your account in 2 ways. As the person who regularly visits your page and a new person discovering it for the first time.

Look at your feed and see what kind of content you post and then see how you can make it look more organized and intriguing.

We all love following a trail of breadcrumbs and experiencing the journey with others so keep your main feed high on value and delete the content that just doesn’t add to that level of professionalism.

If you want to build a legacy brand, plan for the future and post the best value you can each and every day.

This is one major piece of the entire puzzle.


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