How to use Hashtags to promote your music and improve fan engagement


Are you UP to speed on your #Hashtag strategy Game?

Many of us have forgotten about the power of a hashtag in building community and cutting through the noise of social media. Well promoted Personal Hashtags can be so helpful in staying in the loop with your music fans. Think about creating tags for your name, your latest album, music video or even each single you promote with me on @AVALiveradio . When we market your song, we can promote the hashtag for the song and encourage people to use it when they talk about your music on social media.

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Things to think about:

– Make it memorable

– Not just the band name

– Make is short and simple

– Use it everywhere your song is linked

– Be consistent when your promoting it with your audience

– Research trending tags and try to relate your tag to something currently trending

– Make a 30 second commercial for AVA Live radio promoting your tag while your song plays in the background.

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Pro Bonus Tips.. 

– You can follow hashtags on instagram. When you follow a hashtag, content will pop up in your newsfeed when there is something new so encourage people to follow your tag by using your tag to tell stories or host unique content and encourage people to add to it.

-Plan your hashtag content strategy by mapping out what the tag is meant to accomplish. Will it be to support a cause? A feeling? A life struggle? Make people laugh? Decide how it will help people and make sure all your content supports that one thing or idea.

-Think of your hashtag as a sub-brand of your brand. What can you do to make your hashtag become a part of your fans daily experience on social media then consistently deliver that with enthusiasm.


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