How to use Layering to Attract Music Fans, Make Money Streaming and Chart on Billboard


Streaming platforms offer exposure to new music lovers at the exact time they are seeking music. It’s important for an artist to focus on delivering their work to people who are actively seeking music of your mico-niche.

Streaming is turning out to be a bonanza for the music industry. The latest numbers from the Recording Industry Association of America state that U.S. retail sales hit $7.7 billion (U.S.) in 2016, representing 11.4% year-over-year growth – the largest single-year gain for the industry in almost two decades.

The majority of that growth came from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, which now provide more than 50% of the industry’s revenue.

Music streaming overall, including free services, saw 68% growth last year compared with the year before. Subscription services did even better, with revenue improving by 114% to $2.5 billion.

The results go a long way to fulfilling the promise that the likes of Spotify have been making for years – that, given enough time and scale, streaming can be even more lucrative to the music industry than their previous distribution systems.


But how does this work? 


We have seen many playlists break a hit single by what I call “Layering”.

Layering carries a new single from one market to another and can cross oceans by introducing streams to Europe and the US without conventional support by local radio stations. All of these streams are considered plays on the same charting system and Spotify plays a far more impactful roll in the total number of streams than car radio ever could.

Developing a playlist promotion strategy is something I’ve been trying to introduce to my music community for a long time. I think it’s not just a marketing plan, you should consider this as a division of your brand and dedicate resources to it’s development.


Would you like to learn my strategy for”Layering”using Playlists?


Think of this New Smart Marketing Strategy as a new form of radio promo for 2017. It can become a massive discovery engine of your music catalog and boost your chart rating with careful curating and nurturing of a solid plan.


The Money

Think of streaming as a dividend that pays you little amounts every time someone listens to your music. Those little bits can really add up especially if you are attracting paying subscribers to the platform. In the industry we are seeing such explosive growth in streaming that it’s starting to surpass digital downloads and CD sales for unknowns as well as established artists.



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Music Streaming Counts Towards Music Charts

Figuring out exactly how the world’s official music charts are determined can be a complicated business, often with many different factors at play, including downloads, streaming, radio airplay and physical sales. To make things simpler, here’s a quick overview of how the music charts are calculated around the world.

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Here are some of the small proactive steps you can take to maintain your Spotify presence:

  1. Update your playlists with new songs
  2. Do social shout-outs to any artist you add to your playlist
  3. Promote your playlists via newsletter and social
  4. Re-assess the effectiveness of your playlist titles, descriptions, and artwork — and make any necessary changes
  5. Encourage fans to follow you on Spotify
  6. Pin a new song or playlist to the top of your artist discography page
  7. Embed Spotify players on your website for all your albums
  8. Check out your daily Spotify trending reports on your tracking reports (such as CD baby tools) to better understand your audience and engagement on the platform, and to see what playlists include your music
  9. Give a social shout-out to any playlister who has added one of your songs
  10. Actually listen to your Discover Weekly playlist (it might be an easy way to find new tracks to add to the playlists you manage)

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