Ideas for scaling your online business in 2019

Have you been looking for some great Ideas for scaling your online business?

I’ve been considering a few options lately and decided to take the plunge into marketing automation by learning how to create an online course for my business.

Right now I spend alot of time one on one with musicians and management companies teaching them how to brand and market their music careers but I rarely have enough time to meet the demand for my services..

That’s when a great friend of mine, Dr Tracy Timberlake introduced me to the idea of scaling my business using online courses.

By learning how to scale your online business through creative ideas such as course building, books, video, webinars, etc.. I’m able to automate my skills and ideas as a marketing expert in my field.

This way when Musicians need help and I have new strategies to share that offer a great deal of value, I can create one mini course that can serve everyone at once at a lower cost to the customer. With a series of mini courses, I’ll be able to deliver step by step advise in detail to all my best clients without having to burn myself out from explaining the same concepts multiple times.

This leaves me free to research and discover new ideas that will help my clients while they get to work on the latest strategy I’ve released to them.

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