Why IGTV is becoming the Television for the Mobile Generation

Why IGTV Instagram is Becoming Television for the Mobile Generation

The way we consume content has always been driven by technology. Today’s IGTV is yesterdays 1930’s cinema except now you get access to it 24-7 and you don’t have to wait in line and sit in a crowded theater for a brief news report. 

Today’s content is available at a large scale and from anyone with a phone. If you’ve ever dug into live streaming apps or video channels, you know that one things rings true… It’s uncensored in the moment news like you’ve never experienced it and now it’s something you can be a part of. 

Want to learn how? 

A stand alone vertical video app on instagram is changing the way we consume content. Todays mobile viewers are watching more HGTV than traditional television. So how will you be fitting into this next generation of entertainment?


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As soon as you open the IGTV app, a video will start playing — much like when you first turn on a TV. This means you don’t have to search to start watching content from people you already follow on Instagram.


Don’t forget about sound! It seems obvious, but sound plays a big part in a video experience. If you’re outdoors and it’s windy, try to shield your phone’s microphone.

If you’re capturing a sound source that is distant from the camera, try to use a remote microphone or ask a friend to use their phone to record sound.

Tips 2:

Capturing for color. If you like to really go big when it comes to retouching color/looks of your video, apps like Filmic Pro and others have a D-LOG mode. D-LOG lets you capture a lowcontrast, desaturated, raw video, offering you flexibility for color correction.

Tips 3:

Do not disturb. Imagine filming, and then in the middle of capturing the best moment ever, your phone rings. Turns out that this can stop your video (😱). Enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when you plan on capturing longer scenes so that doesn’t happen.

Tips 4:

Editing 9:16 video on desktop. Chances are you’ve already got a workflow for this. If you don’t: it’s possible to edit vertical video in most editors. For software that supports it, simply select 9:16 aspect ratio for your timeline project. If your software doesn’t support 9:16 or adds black pillar boxes: rotate your vertical video to horizontal, create your edits, then export the video in horizontal. Once exported, use QuickTime to rotate (open file, then

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