Improving your Engagement on your Newsletters and Social Media Posts

How to Get More Engagement on Social Media Posts and Newsletters Music Marketing. Do you want more music fans? And do you want them to care about what your saying?

It can be really tricky building of engagement on your social media posts if you don’t know what your audience wants to hear most from you. It’s also difficult to create and build a newsletter that has a consistent open rate.

Question: LaObraDeMarte
Once again, I am loving all the information I am getting in your videos J. In this video in the minute 8.36 that you measure the “Content” the artist is putting out, vs the people that we are reaching in our email list is a direct relation of how effective our post are being with our readers or followers… Specifictly this topic is an easy statement to understand as a stand alone. But nowadays people seem to be really lazy in terms of getting into their email and reading through it.

Instead they seem to just run through their facebook feed and if they see something there that calls their attention, they act, but if not I think they don’t really dig in that much…. How or what can a band like us can write about in order to get people care more?

Thanks for the reply Jacqueline, I am looking forward to see that new video coming out. It would be great to learn which kind of topic or trend is more prone to be exposed positively in X or Y social media, or internet page.


Hi LaObraDeMarte great questions.
First with your email list, you need to think more about who’s on your list and what may interest them and less about what you want to push on them.

Just because someone gives us their email address don’t mean that they want to us to push adds on them and ask them for money. In fact, I’m really against begging for donation and sending out senseless event emails.

I have an 80%+ open rate on my newsletter but there was alot of trial and error to get there.

The open rate is great because over time I have only used my email list to get the most important and useful content in front of my audience. I am also very mindful of how and why they signed up.

As a band you’ve got to treat all of your communication pages the same way. Look at what people have engaged with in the past and try to use that as a templete for testing out content moving forward.

Write down things that work for you and try to shape your content strategy around that.

Even on certain social platforms, it’s smart to shape your content differently depending on what that platform prioritizes. The trick is to figure out your audience. I have ways of doing that.

1) Ask your social media pages questions and change up your content often to try different things they look at your insights weekly for which pieces of content got the most engagement, shares and reactions.

2) Think about planning some kind of fun event or game that your following can get excited about. Photography, Updating the studio, Filming a video, Preparing for and live streaming a concert, Live streaming series, How to Tutorials, Road trip, Travel streams ad make up your own hashtag for it to keep your content available across all the social media pages. For instance: Right now you probably discovered my video because I’m doing a live stream or video every day in March teaching social music marketing. Over Christmas I did some open boxes on great new studio equipment I was receiving, then in January I created a photography challenge.

3) Provide the answers to most asked questions. As you develop an audience, you may think about using your newsletter and live streams to provide answers to your fans most asked questions. I’ve had great luck with that because it’s fun for everyone to become involved with what your doing. letting the audience help to determine the content is a great way to get people to come back and keep you on the top of their minds.

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