Indie Artist Who Are Rocking Facebook and Why

jaxscope jacqueline jax periscopeThe most common questions that I seem to be fielding most often these days are regarding facebook. Since the changes have effected how many times your posts actually make it into the news feed of your carefully collected followers, it makes perfect sense that you would be curious if any indie artists are still able to reach their audience. Although the reach is significantly less effective for the average post, some indie artists are still turning up more often than others in the newsfeed so I selected a couple of pages from our indie artist network to feature today as great examples of what you should be doing.

As always your priority should be to collect and nurture your own mailing list and website visitors but if you do want to still use facebook in social way, this may help you.

Jacqueline Jax
Entertainment Branding Specialist

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Kevin Gullickson from radio drive does a terrific job of reaching out via facebook and twitter daily to personally thank and share everyone who connects with them in a special way. He also sends personal letters and is the kindest most humble indie artists you will ever meet. He’s incredible to work with..He is highly involved in our community.

Louden Swain really has a blast with the social media fans. They lead with their humor and allow the fans to share in their experiences. We love this band’s energy and incredible attitude. They are amazing to work with..

Phosphene is one of the hardest working bands on the road. They really know how to take advantage of their best assets and work the social pages. As a result their efforts are paying off with publications and fans.

Sarantos solo music artist continues to stun us with his amazingly sweet attitude enjoyed by over 435,000 music fans to date. We love working with him and are big supporters of his music. He continues to feature his music on our show and really gets involved within our community paying special attention to each and every fan response.