Is Spotify the Next Leader of the Music Industry?


Youtube is for now… but everything’s about to change just as is always does.
Sure Youtube has prevented the growth of download piracy by allowing virtually anyone to share music while Youtube pays pittance in royalties to the copyright owners. And artists are making a killing kicking off their music career by streaming their version of the latest cover…
We’ve been hearing about music videos in streaming services for years. Now, it’s happening. And it’s Spotify that looks like a leader of this hot new digital trend. Video has come to Spotify and it’s going to be huge.
As the licensing issues get ironed out, Spotify is heading into 1st place as they position themselves into a motion to allow every track on Spotify to stream video as an attachment.
When this happens, YouTube will become a lot less important which will probably cause the company to loose the war. As a result, you’ll probably see major labels exercising their right with Content ID to control and remove their music from the platform or demand fair payment.
Further, Spotify has an ad-supported business model that works to pay more fair shares.
YouTube was trying with YouTube Red but just isn’t making things happen as their premium service just isn’t the favorite over Spotify to date with their 50 million paying subscribers.
Plus, I’ve discovered that the major labels have an ownership stake in Spotify making it a stronger bet to acquire the majority of the music and videos being produced by the majors.
In addition, as their paid subscriptions are speculated to triple in size quickly should this plan forward motion continue (moving quickly to 150 million ) Youtube will have no choice but to rethink their business model and structure or loose their strong hold on the music industry.
For the savvy music marketer, I fully recommend continuing to launch your original videos in as many places as you can as Youtube and facebook are still very strong and terrific advertising spaces. In addition, Youtube still has a terrific search engine SEO draw on google search and playlist Klout to associate your music and define your niche.
Plus you can still launch trailer videos on facebook advertising your Youtube full music video version for free so you don’t want to miss this valuable free marketing opportunity while it lasts.
But to prepare yourself for the future, I do recommend making your Spotify promotions a priority and staying on the cutting edge of every curve as it happens.
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