Jax Daily How to create the perfect page to sell music on your website

Have you always wanted to make music your full time career but you are not sure how?

Here’s some advice from research I’ve done across multiple artists websites. There are a few key things that you must learn in order to prepare your website to work for you.

Your website reflects who you are as an artist to the outside world. It should give your fans options to listen to your music as well as give them a deeper look into your process and personality. That’s a part most artists skip when trying to build out their pages.

Let’s look at what you need to create a website with an engaging page to sell your music?

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  1. Put your music first.
    People are visiting your website to hear your music – so make it easy to listen to. Include all available spots where people can download from their favorite distribution platforms but make sure they don’t have to leave the site to listen. Then on your Music page, add a track list, an album, or some singles. Make it clear how to press play and listen, right away.
  2.  Offer music for sale
    Many people still love to support an artist directly, so give them some options. Put those options front and center on any music page by offering  digital downloads and packages to start gathering funds for your future productions.  You can also add limited edition items, like signed CDs or vinyl, and track inventory automatically in your store.
  3.  FREE Music
    What??? YES… If someone actually takes the time to download your music, have them leave an email address in exchange. This person is golden and should be treated to an amazing experience. Send them a weekly newsletter connecting with them about your latest and don’t forget to include offers for exclusives. Remember, it’s about nurturing that relationship not just asking for more money so treat your email subscribers with respect.
  4. Sharing Features
    Be sure to make your page and music sharable. When someone has a great experience, they should be able to share it with friends. This should be a main call to action requested on your website.  This will help you grow.
  5. Brand your page
    I recommend choosing a theme and color palette that will be used throughout your site and social media pages. Branding not only helps people to recognize you, it also associates your content with a standard that you hope to provide in everything that you do.

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