Jax Daily How to use facebook groups to grow your music audience and build community

Facebook groups are a great way to create engagement around your projects. I have a great set of tips to help you post content with impact.


Build an Inner Circle With Your Facebook Group

Once you’ve set up your Facebook group, it’s time to consider a content strategy. Across platforms, your posts should add value to the news feed. Groups are exclusive communities for your most engaged fans, so group content should reflect that exclusivity. Members should feel like they’re getting something special from you, not just being pushed advertising so make sure you honor your group members with fun content, engaging conversations and things that people will enjoy. Facebook is all about having fun and connecting with others. Make your group a place they will enjoy coming back to.

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Collaborate with your audience

More than any other platform, groups inspire audience participation. To deliver content collaboratively, monitor group discussions and nurture members’ interests. Place special question posts and posts that offer your group members a way to share content with you. This will allow you to get more in touch with who your members are and improve their experience within your group.

Go Live

Going live within your group not only allows your group to engage with you personally, it offers special content that people can’t get anywhere else. You can notify people when, where and what time your going live and also send out a heads up to your email list with a link to your group page. It’s a great way to advertise without being spamy. This way people can discover the group and also anticipate something special coming up.


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